Applications of our selected fine papers and special boards

Premium printworks

high quality range of fine papers available in five harmonious white shades, in two different bulks;

uncoated, high quality, recycled paper in line with the highest standards of sustainability.

Office supply products

wide range of coloured papers and board for envelopes, covers, folders, notepaper, cards, tickets, inserts.

Plastic substitution

papers and laminated boards suitable for food packaging;

laminated boards for fully recyclable signs and billboards;

boards and laminated boards for gift-cards, tickets and fidelity cards.

Digital printing and large format printing

specially designed range of papers and laminated boards.

Luxury packaging and displays

100 % virgin fibres paper boards;
uncoated coloured papers suitable for foiling, coloured E-flute, F-Flute and open corrugated.


wide range of high-quality, deep-coloured tissue paper available both in standard and bespoke colours and high-quality white tissue paper for printing.

Medical care products

high-quality, deep-coloured tissue for towels and dental-bibs.

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